tabi shoes hitoe

Hi, I am Christa, a Pilates-based movement therapist and holistic health coach. I was asked to test out Marugo 's hitoe tabi shoes by Mr. Charlie Merrill (click here to see his Instagram account) , a long-time friend who synthesizes manual therapies with pain science and mind/body medicine to cure pain, improve function and help people perform at the highest level.

I tested out the shoes throughout a huge range of training environments; from the snowy mountains of Colorado to full on HITT/lifting/and endurance training inside the gym, to city walking long distances along cobblestones and paved portions of the River Walk in San Antonio, to playing in the hitoe in the Gulf Coast beaches and sand dunes of Texas.

I discovered that the hitoe were the lightest and easiest pair of training shoes I had ever traveled with, which meant a lot considering how much traveling I go through. The hitoe were an excellent match because I also train in every country I go to. The packing of tennis shoes for my trips had always been a pain, but now, I could put the hitoe tabi shoes easily by folding them up and putting them in my bag. This is where it all started, but I soon discovered that the hitoe shoes also had tangible physical benefits, which I am excited to talk about in my future posts in collaboration with

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