bizen yaki pottery plate

We are happy to have a new addition on our marketplace: Bizen-yaki pottery. Bizen-yaki pottery has a history of more than a thousand years, and is said to be the oldest ancient pottery style. Bizen Ware is highly recommended for decoration purposes thanks to its simplicity and the color that can match anything. Furthermore, people say that flowers last longer in a Bizen vase, food tastes better on Bizen plates, and sake / beer tastes better with Bizen mugs.

Our partner artist is Mr. Kiko Ando. Born in 1977, Mr. Ando has won a number of awards. His Bizen-yaki potteries with the “Narutaki” brand have been created with a focus on everyday usage, as opposed to display purposes. This is why the products listed on our website are cups, pots, bowls, plates and coffee-related pottery. Check out this page for a full product listing of Bizen-yaki pottery products.

Please stay tuned for the listing of more products on the website., Inc. is currently in discussions with a number of potential suppliers, and there will be more products that will be listed on the website., Inc. is the official international distributor for all the products listed on our website.