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Zao Gongen 立蔵王権現 (Hinoki) (桧) 39(H)×15(W)×11(D)cm

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Zao Gongen 立蔵王権現 (Hinoki) (桧) 39(H)×15(W)×11(D)cm

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Zao Gongen 立蔵王権現 (Hinoki) (桧) 39(H)×15(W)×11(D)cm from Seiwa. The exact pattern, color etc. can look slightly different from individual product to product. Click here to learn more about Seiwa

Zao Gongen is a deity between Shinto and Buddhism. Gongen, literally "incarnation", was believed to be the manifestation of a Buddha in the form of an indigenous kami, during the era of shinbutsu-shūgō in pre-modern Japan. Shinbutsu-shūgō is the syncretism of Buddhism and kami worship that was Japan's only organized religion up until the Meiji period. Beginning in 1868, the new Meiji government approved laws that separated Japanese native kami worship and Buddhism in an attempt to re-organize the spiritual beliefs of the Japanese people and modernize the country.

Product Details:

  • Entire product dimension, including the stand: 39(H)×15(W)×11(D)cm
  • Material: Hinoki / 桧. Click here for more information
  • Comes with: packaging box
  • Other information:

  • (Note: Due to monitor differences, actual product colors may vary from colors shown on your monitor)
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  • Manufactured and supplied by Seiwa. Click here for more information on the brand. Manufactured in China
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