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Arita-Yaki Pottery | Who Is Marubun?


Marubun is a major Arita-yaki wholesaler in Saga, Japan, and is located in the town of Arita, where the history of Arita-yaki all began. Marubun started its business back in 1891 and in 1918 became a significant player in the Japanese Arita-yaki pottery trading market. The company considers its mission as bringing joy to the dinner table by providing well-designed, superior quality Japanese pottery.

arita yaki pottery porcelain

Marubun's Values

Marubun places a great amount of emphasis on providing the very best Arita-yaki pottery. This is why the company has gone beyond a simple Arita-yaki wholesaler, and launched a series of original-design Arita-yaki pottery in the recent years, also paying respect to the 400-year history of Arita-yaki.

arita yaki pottery porcelain

ZOA (Zero Origin Arita)

ZOA (Zero Origin Arita) was created in homage to the 400-year history of Arita-yaki by paying very close attention to "Ko-Imari," a very traditional type of Arita-yaki / Imari-yaki which originated in the Edo period (1603-1868). ZOA has two product series: ZOA Daily and ZOA Prime. The pattern of ZOA Daily is printed, making ZOA Daily a more affordable choice. On the other hand, the pattern of ZOA Prime is drawn very carefully by the hands of Arita-yaki professional artists.

arita yaki pottery porcelain zoa product series

Video: Making of ZOA

A great amount of work is involved behind the making of Arita-yaki pottery. Check out how ZOA is made in the video below.