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Who Is Chara Art, and Why Is Their Printing Technology Special?


Chara Art's Japanese pop-culture art products are aimed towards serious fans from all over the world who want to enjoy Japanese pop culture like anime and manga in the form of a very fine interior decoration.

Chara Art takes advantage of many connections within the industry, working closely with writers, publishers, and TV stations. This allows Chara Art to make unique, well-received products that are based on original artwork or that include the autograph of famous cartoonists and artists.

Japanese pop culture art Chara Art

How the Art Is Made (Chara-Fine Technology)

  • A Designer-Controlled Printing Process: With Chara-Fine, the product is developed by designers specializing in character design and character-product development, who give particular care to the characteristics and tones of individual characters, illustration style, and of course the story of the anime or manga itself. At other places, this process is usually often carried out by technicians, which can often result in a different tonal approach than the designer intended. However, at Chara Art, the process is carried out entirely by designers, faithfully reproducing the original image.

  • Expressing Character Features That Only A Character Product Designer Can Pick Up On: First, the type of paper most suited to the illustration style and texture is chosen from a wide range of high-quality paper carefully selected by Chara Art. There are 15 extremely highly capable printers on hand, which each utilize all 12 colors of ink and are also used by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology to print replicas of pieces that are exhibited for a limited time only, such as National Treasures and Important Cultural Properties. Different printers are used for each project to match and express the character features and desired tones.

  • Japanese pop culture art Chara Art

    Japanese pop culture art Chara Art

  • Careful Color Correction, Because Chara Art Loves Characters: Color correction is carefully carried out one page at a time using high capability 5K monitors, as is ideal for a character-based product. The printing process is repeated over and over again, with color corrections being carried out as many as over 50 times in order to create a piece that is faithful to the tone of the original drawing. This quality has been rated highly by anime production companies, game manufacturers, publishers, television stations etc.

  • Japanese pop culture art Chara Art

  • Carefully, One At A Time: Chara Art's Chara-Fine original drawing reproduction service is carefully carried out by hand after an order is received. Even the tiniest scratches and traces of dirt do not go unnoticed, protecting the product's high-quality finish.

  • Japanese pop culture art Chara Art

  • Aiming For High Quality: Pressure and heat are applied to the ink until it is transformed into fine particles, which are then sprayed directly onto the paper to produce a smooth, dot-free printed surface. The high-grade artistic printing process used is a whole world apart from the screen printing, offset printing, and laser printing processes frequently used in the mass printing of leaflets and other similar documents. With this process, customers can enjoy a high quality, long-lasting print with excellent light resistance and color rendering.

  • Japanese pop culture art Chara Art

Product Series & Material

  • Premium Chara-Fine Board: Printed directly on canvas suitable for Chara-Fine printing. Can be hung on the wall; there will be a strap and metallic hanger included.

  • Chara Art Premium-Charafine-Board

  • Chara-Fine Acrylic: Printed on lustrous, highest-quality Chara-Fine paper. The paper is integrated with acrylic using special technology. Because of this, this product is not to be hung on the wall and it comes with a stand.

  • Chara Art Charafine-Acrylic-Infinity

    Chara Art Charafine-Acrylic

  • Chara-Fine: Printed on high-quality paper used in giclee printing. Comes in a frame.

  • Chara Art Chara-Fine