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Rice Bran Skincare | Who Is Bijin Nuka?

bijin nuka rice bran skincare


The Bijin Nuka brand is owned by a company called Real from Kobe, Japan. As the name suggests ("bijin" and "nuka" mean beautiful woman and rice bran, respectively), Bijin Nuka is a brand that has focused on helping women retain beautiful skin through rice-bran-based skincare products. It is a long-established brand that started in 1894.

When the brand started its business over 120 years ago, their first product was a cotton bag face / body washer which contained rice bran. Later during 1942-1944 the same product was sold in large volume as a baby body washer, following the recommendation by the Midwives Association. Rice-bran-based skincare products have been the brand's key products to this date.
rice bran Japanese skincare

Rice Bran Skincare Benefits

Rice bran ceramide is a great beauty ingredient and plays a large role in rice bran skincare. Ceramide is a lipid component that exists between the cells of the human skin, and it protects the skin from dryness, bacteria etc. What is amazing about rice bran ceramide is that it acts in a similar fashion as ceramide that already exists in the human skin. Rice bran ceramide therefore moisturizes the human skin in a very natural way while helping the skin retain moisture.

Rice bran contains a number of other components that help beautify the skin:

  • The most notable among them is the Orizaburan, which is particularly effective to retain moisture of the skin.
  • In addition, rice bran is rich in vitamin B. You might already have been trying to take in vitamin B via food or supplements in order to cure fatigue. As you can imagine vitamin B also has a great beauty effect on the human skin as well.
  • Vitamin E is also contained in rice bran. Known as an anti-aging vitamin, vitamin E makes the skin vivid and firm.
  • γ-oryzanol (gamma oryzanol), a physiological active substance is also contained in rice bran. γ-oryzano is famous for its UV prevention effect and protects the skin from spots and moles caused by UV. It also improves circulation, stimulates the normalization of turnover, and protects the surface of the skin with a type of protective covering.

  • Real takes pride in its heritage of 120 years and continues to explore other skincare benefits of rice bran in its research facilities, in order to provide the best skincare solution to customers.

Paddy Field

As a company that places so much importance on rice bran, Real has its own contract paddy field to facilitate its research on skincare benefits of rice bran and to procure the best ingredients for its skincare products.

The contract paddy field is located in an area surrounded by the mountains in Jinseki District, Hiroshima. No chemical fertilizers are used in the paddy field. In fact, the paddy field is organic JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard) certified; this means that the paddy field has met various strict standards, such as "[u]se of composts and non use of prohibited agricultural chemicals and fertilizers for no less than 2 years before sowing and planting (3 years for perennial plants)" and "[u]nder the proper management so as to prevent drifting and flowing of prohibited substances during the production periods," as described by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

Kobe Bijin Nuka Product Series

The Kobe Bijin Nuka product series uses rice bran extract taken from premium rice that is grown in Hyogo prefecture by using a special agricultural method which focuses on nurturing a rich environment where even storks can live (storks are birds which were once classified as endangered species). This agricultural method does not employ any fertilizers or agricultural chemicals, and the rice bran extract used in the Kobe Bijin Nuka product series does not have any residual agricultural chemicals.

rice bran Japanese skincare


Real has conducted the following research on the skincare benefits of rice and rice bran:

  • The effectiveness of ancient rice (e.g., black rice): on this theme, Real has conducted research with Mr. Yukio Ashida (ex-chariman of Japan Ancient Rice Association), Kinki University and Nippon Sport Science University. The research with Professor Mitsuo Miyazawa at Kinki University on "the antimutagenicity of black rice bran extract" won an award at the Japan Oil Chemists' Society's annual meeting in 2004
  • The effectiveness of natural rice bran ceramide: on this theme, Real has conducted research with Hyogo College of Medicine. The company published its research on "the effectiveness of cream containing rice-derived natural ceramide in the context of skincare of atopic dermatitis children" at the Japan Pediatric Society conference in 2006, following a clinical trial with Professor Takakuni Tanizawa and Doctor Murao
Other academic activities include:

  • Corporate Member, Japan Ancient Rice Association
  • Corporate Member, Akagome Gakko (a group that publishes information on red rice and is hosted by Mr. Yukio Ashida, who has been a long-time researcher of ancient rice)
  • Speaker at the Japan Ancient Rice Association 22nd Symposium in Niihama
  • Speaker at the Japanese Society for Cereal Scientists' 130th Conference
  • Collaboration with Akagome Gakko
  • Publication of an article regarding the effects of rice bran in the local newspaper, Kobe Shimbun (2010)
  • Research publication (2000) and speech (2002) at the Japan Oil Chemists' Society

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