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Youka (木綿花) | Giclee: "こころの中に"

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Youka (木綿花) | Giclee: "こころの中に"

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Youka (木綿花) | Giclee: "こころの中に" from Butuzou World. Click here to learn more about the brand.

The artwork of 木綿花 (Youka) has been reborn in high-quality giclee print, allowing you to bring the majesty of the original painting to your very room. All giclees will be autographed, sealed, and marked with an edition number by 木綿花 (Youka) herself.

Message from the artist: Like the light appearing in darkness, here Miroku Bosatsu radiates gently while meditating, waiting for the day when she comes into this world. We won't feel alone if we believe that in our heart a deity like her may reside; when we are in anxiety or hopefulness while trying to realize our dreams or discover our talents, those very dreams or talents may actually be waiting for the the time to come into this world. Most importantly, such belief will help you meet your supporter in real life. I drew this painting with the hope that it will help you support your belief while you live your precious life.

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  • Size: 640(H)×470(W)×19(D)mm
  • Material: -
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