The phrase “made in Japan” has developed quite the reputation for high quality and durable product development and distribution today. What used to be regarded as mediocre, poorly constructed goods and services a little over 50-years ago is now the shining standard of product development that companies around the world are feverishly trying to emulate.

Quite simply: Japanese products are made with a precision and work ethic that most products around the world lack. Japan is taking production seriously during a time when corporations are slipping in their consumer dedication, and if you haven’t tried buying from Japan yet, now is the time to give it a try.

Here are 4 reasons why it’s time to consider buying products straight from Japan:

The Japanese Work Ethic:

The Japanese people are known around the world for their steadfast commitment to working hard and working long hours to perfect their respective crafts. The country is so notorious for housing hard workers that the government has to create holidays, like “Mountain Day” or “Sea Day” to force the population to take some time off from work. The Japanese embody an attention to precision and detail that dates back thousands of years. This very dedication and focus can be witnessed in the finest of details in every Japanese product today.


As a nation that has been essentially “cut off from the world” since the beginning of humanity, Japan brings a cultural uniqueness to the forefront of product design that is not witnessed anywhere else in the world. For example, look at the Japanese love affair with public bathing houses, or with the “onsen,” meaning hot spring. Japan excels at developing its own unique trends and styles, which inspires developers and designers to incorporate one-of-a-kind elements into product inception. The result is nonstop creatively oriented products that demand attention from international consumers.


A Japanese phrase that has no literal English translation, monozukuri has been described and fawned over by writers, authors, and journalists in just about every language today. The phrase comes close to describing the Japanese manufacturing process, and that it’s more about the commitment of the person making the goods than it is the goods themselves. These people strive to make the products absolutely perfect out of honor and respect for their craft.

High Standards:

Although the Japanese people strive to produce the very best products possible on their own accord, the government and regulations are not too far behind the population’s natural work ethic inclination. Japanese cosmetic companies in particular, no matter their size, have to pass numerous intricate standards for official consumer distribution within Japan. Foreign brands, too, have to adapt their products and marketing campaigns for the competitive Japanese standards, often deterring many international brands from taking on the cosmetic development requirements unique to Japan.

The results are safe-to-use, sustainable, and long-lasting Japanese cosmetic products that won’t contribute to lethal health developments.

Made In Japan

The label “made in Japan” is as good as gold today. We’re proud to be completely dedicated to Japanese manufacturers with a work ethic, flair for creativity, and commitment to the Japanese spirit of monozukuri.