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Sake Glass (Gold Tsubaki) (金彩椿(丸)) | Arita Takumi No Kura (Artisan Collection)

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Sake Glass (Gold Tsubaki) (金彩椿(丸)) | Arita Takumi No Kura (Artisan Collection)

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Arita-yaki pottery Sake Glass (Gold Tsubaki) (金彩椿(丸)) | Arita Takumi No Kura (Artisan Collection) from Sankoudou. The exact pattern, color etc. differ from individual product to product due to the nature of Arita-yaki pottery.


  • 6(H)×6.3(D)cm, 100cc
Comes With

  • -

  • Can be used in microwave ovens
  • Should not be washed in dishwashers
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  • Sankoudou. Click here for more information on the supplier
  • Made in Japan
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