Tobi Japanese Workwear | Who Is Toraichi?


Toraichi is a manufacturer of Japanese workwear (“tobi wear”) who has catered to the needs of Japanese workers since its foundation in 1959. Making workwear that is simply durable is far from enough for Toraichi. What makes Toraichi so unique is its belief in the importance of creating workwear that represents the passion and pride of the workers, all the while considering the various trends within the world of fashion and beyond. This belief has culminated in Toraichi creating various tobi-wear-inspired fashion items, and has resulted in people wearing Toraichi’s products outside the work environment as casual clothing.

toraichi tobi japanese workwear

Design and Manufacturing Process

Toraichi has a large male worker fan base. This is because the company is known to design workwear with a novel design that allows the wearer to fully express his personality and uniqueness. Every year Toraichi forms a product-design project team that explores the possibility of new material and design.

Toraichi strongly believes that high-quality products can only be made by being persistent in the efforts to create the best in each and every product. Toraichi makes sure that the quality of the end product meets its own high standards by handling all of the manufacturing processes in-house, checking the quality of the output at each stage of the manufacturing process.

Toraichi's Brand Concept Video

See the Toraichi's brand concept video below.