Arita-Yaki Pottery | Who Is Sankoudou?


Sankoudou is a ceramics shop that specializes in Arita-yaki porcelain. Sankoudou's lineup of Arita-yaki ceramics have a design with a next-generation feeling, which blend perfectly into the diverse modern lifestyles while providing a splash of color to day-to-day life and preserving the traditions of yesteryear. The human sense of taste is said to be heavily influenced by vision—perhaps this is the reason why Arita-yaki porcelain has been treasured and loved throughout the ages; giving food and drink prepared in the home a sense of luxury and making them taste even more delicious, and providing them with a warm feeling. Sankoudou believes that every day items should be the very best in terms of both design and quality, precisely because they are used every day. From the elegant and luxurious to the cute and quaint, to the unique—we hope you will find a favorite item among Sankoudou's wide range of pieces to perfectly match your lifestyle. Of course, Sankoudou's porcelain is also perfect as a retirement present or other types of heartfelt gifts.

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