Who Is Morisa


Morisa is a company based in Kochi prefecture who beautifully colors our lives through its fun and entertaining washi-paper products.

Kochi Prefecture rains a lot and has many rivers, boasting a large amount of water volume. Niyodo river in particular is very rich in water volume and has extremely clear water since the water comes from the mountains. Since 1986, Morisa has used this clean water from the Niyodo river to create Tosa washi-paper products that are "fun, entertaining and beautiful."

Japanese washi paper tosa washi


In Japan, historically paper had been made by hand using native raw materials such as mulberry, mistumata bush and gampi. However, machinery was put into use heavily after the reform of the Meiji era, when modern uses of paper (e.g., pen writing and typing) started to be taken into account. This is how pulp gradually came into use.

Of course, even in Japan, "western paper" (i.e., paper made mainly from wooden raw materials) account for the majority of paper production today. On the other hand, paper made from old-fashioned raw materials using traditional technique is called washi. Washi has a unique texture which is both strong and soft, and can be preserved for an extended period of time.

Japanese washi paper tosa washi
Japanese washi paper tosa washi