Japanese Knives and Whetstone (Sharpening Stone) | Who Is Morihei?

About Morihei's Whetstones

Just take a look at this highest-grade artificial grinding stone "Fire" developed by Morihei, a long-established cutlery and whetstone wholesaler in Asakusabashi for 80 years! In Japan, the culture of "grinding" has been handed down from generation to generation to maintain the sharpness of knives for a long time. There are two types of grinding stones: natural and artificial.

Knives polished with natural whetstones have excellent sharpness and brilliance, and are durable enough to be used for a long time. But because they are natural, there are individual differences, so it is difficult for beginners to choose the right whetstone for their knives. However, it is difficult for beginners to choose the right one for their knives due to the individual differences of natural stones. In addition, the production of high-quality natural whetstones is becoming scarce year by year, which inevitably makes them more expensive. Artificial grindstones, on the other hand, are stable in quality and reasonably priced, but they have the disadvantage of retaining less water than natural grindstones, and the abrasives contained in the grindstone are sharp, making it easier to damage the cutting edge.

Mr. Akimitsu Oguro, the fourth generation of Morihei, a long-established cutlery and whetstone wholesaler in Asakusabashi, wanted to create an ideal whetstone that could be recommended to everyone. After five years of work, the "Morihei Fire" series of artificial whetstones was completed in October 2018. By blending high quality natural stones and firing them at low temperatures, he was able to create a grinding stone that has both the sharpness of a natural stone and the quality stability of an artificial stone. It is comparable to ordinary natural whetstones in its ability to retain moisture, and is characterized by the fact that the whetstone is not too hard and has shallow scratches, making it difficult to damage the cutting edge. Also, when sharpening blades made of forged metal and steel, such as Kasumi's Japanese knives, the contrast becomes excellent. Once you get used to it, you will be able to sharpen it rhythmically with a pleasant "clack, clack" sound. A sharp knife can cut food without destroying the fibers of the food, so you will feel like a better cook because you will be able to increase the texture and feel of the food while maintaining its freshness. It can be used with both steel and stainless steel knives. It is easy for beginners to use, so it is recommended as a gift. It can be used not only for kitchen knives but also for carpenter's tools such as planes and chisels.

About Morihei's Knife Collection & Special Perk Only Available on Ninjaya.com


The kitchen knives sold on Ninjaya.com are curated by Akimitsu Oguro, and they are superior kitchen knives with enhanced sharpness by sharpening master Akimitsu Oguro. Mr Oguro is the proprietor of long-established knife and whetstone shop "Morihei" in Asakusabashi, Tokyo, with a tradition dating back over 80 years. Akimitsu Oguro is highly esteemed as a master of knife sharpening, and many top-rate cooks visit "Morihei" and rely on Oguro's skill to restore the original sharpness of knives that grow dull from daily use. Furthermore, as a special benefit only available on Ninjaya.com, all knives are sharpened by master Akimitsu Oguro prior to shipping in order to maximize the sharpness, and they are affixed with the phrase "Hand-Sharpened Blade" as proof. *The "Hand-Sharpened Blade" certification sticker is not attached in some the photos, but please be assured that it is included on all of the actual products.

If you use a good knife, the flavor of the dishes will improve! When cutting with a dull knife, the fibers of the ingredients are crushed, resulting in a messy cross section, as well as poor texture and flavor. Conversely, ingredients cut with a sharp knife are not damaged, and they retain an attractive cross section. Just by switching to a sharper knife, the flavor of the dishes can be enhanced. Therefore, top-rate cooks use different types of knives depending on the ingredients, and constantly maintain sharpness by sharpening their knives with a whetstone as soon as they become dull. We invite you to take on the deeper world of cooking by trying out a knife from "Morihei" in Asakusabashi.