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Masanosuke Store is a manufacturer of iPhone cases whose designs are inspired by the traditional Japanese-style. Masanosuke Store's products are widely distributed by various retailers located throughout Japan (Asakusa Sensoji Temple, Narita Airport etc.) and are very popular among both domestic and international customers who wish to add a bit of Japanese taste to their favorite gadget. Masanosuke Store is particularly known for its pattern changing iPhone cases; these cases change to different patterns depending on from which angle you are looking. These remarkable, eye-catching cases have been made by taking advantage of cutting-edge printing technology from an Israeli company called Human Eyes.

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Masanosuke Store's Values

Masanosuke Store places a great amount of emphasis on blending in traditional Japanese beauty into people's daily lives. The company has gone to great lengths to ensure this value is reflected in its products; in fact, its Samurai Spirit iPhone case has been developed based on the drawings of a renowned Japanese painter, Mr. Atsuki Settangeli, whose works have gained recognition both domestically and internationally.

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About Mr. Atsuki Settangeli

Mr. Atsuki Settangeli is a renowned Japanese painter with whom Masanosuke Store collaborated to produce the Samurai Spirit iPhone cases.

In 1984 Mr. Atsuki Settangeli won first prize in the 34th All Japan Artist Competition (Design Section) held in Tokyo and in 2013 won second prize in the 7th 100 Artists Competition held in New York.

Born in 1968 in Tokyo, Mr. Atsuki Settangeli began his painting activities in 1995. After receiving advice from Ms. Yoko Ono and Mr. Keisuke Ono in New York in 2010, Mr. Atsuki Settangeli was able to hold a huge exhibition, "Tenchi-Shinmei: Atsuki Settengeli’s World / Esoteric Buddhism" as a 2011 New Year's event at the former Japanese Prime Minister Mr. Hatoyama's residence.

Mr. Atsuki Settangeli's exhibitions include those held in New York, Tokyo, Molfetta, Shanghai and Beijing. Furthermore, the owners of his works include:

  • Royal Highness Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy (Old Kingdom of Italy)
  • The 69th Yokozuna champion of Sumo wrestling Hakuhoh and The 72th Yokozuna champion Kisenosato (Tokyo / Japan)
  • Anma Samurai museum collection (Aichi prefecture / Japan)
  • Stephen Globus, the great American venture capitalist (NY / USA)
  • Giacomo Valentini, Oro Bianco CEO (Milan / Italy)
You can check out Mr. Atsuki Settangeli's works on his Facebook page: Mr. Atsuki Settangeli's Facebook page.

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