Tosa-washi Paper Japanese Skincare | Who Is LiggL?


LiggL is a brand located in Tosa, Kochi, the very place where the traditional Japanese Tosa-washi paper with a history of a thousand years originated. Tosa has been historically famous for the manufacture of paper, thanks to the rich water supply from the Niyodo River (the water quality of Niyodo River ranked first in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015, according to the publication made by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan). LiggL takes full advantage of this ideal location to produce high quality Tosa-washi paper Japanese skincare products, also in collaboration with a local agricultural corporation who grows Broussonetia kazinoki × B. papyrifera, the tree used to produce Tosa-washi paper.

Japanese skincare tosa washi paper
The brand name LiggL comes from the Japanese word “riguru,” (pronounced as “ree-goo-roo”) which means “to dress up” in Tosa dialect. This brand name reflects LiggL’s corporate culture very well; LiggL is managed by an all-female company whose employees are very passionate about expressing their sense of beauty through their skincare / beauty products.

Why Is Tosa-washi Paper Effective?

Tosa-washi paper is an ideal material for beauty masks. This is because the fiber that originates from Broussonetia kazinoki × B. papyrifera (the tree used to produce Tosa-washi paper) brings a very soft and smooth touch on the skin when it absorbs moisture contained in your favorite skincare product, such as serum, lotion / toner, and moisturizer. In addition, thanks to the Tosa-washi fibers, LiggL does not have to use any resin adhesives - LiggL utilizes Niyodo River’s high-quality water in the final stages of the manufacturing process by applying high-pressure water onto the Tosa-washi natural fibers, thus allowing the three-layered natural fibers to tangle tightly, making the beauty mask incredibly durable and enhancing the moisturizing effect of the mask at the same time.

Japanese skincare tosa washi paper
Tosa-washi paper is also ideal to be used in aburatorigami Japanese beauty papers (blotting sheets), both from a practical and an aesthetic perspective; the Tosa-washi paper removes just the right amount of oil from your face while you enjoy the beautiful, non-print “suki-awase” Tosa-washi sakura (cherry blossom) pattern! Did we also mention that sakura represents “wish for beauty?” LiggL’s aburatorigami Japanese beauty papers also have a refreshing Yuzu (Citrus Junos) scent: The scent of Yuzu, the Japanese citrus also known as citrus junos, is said to relax the mind and the body. Yuzu has a distinct flavor and aroma which you cannot experience from lemon or limes, and its popularity is rapidly growing internationally.

Japanese skincare tosa washi paper