Who Is Kurashiki Hanpu?


Kurashiki Hanpu is a Japanese brand owned by a business that started in February 1888. Back then, the founder Mr. Takeyari and his wife together started making canvas (called "hanpu" in Japanese) in Kurashiki, Okayama. Their goal was to contribute to the Japanese society by making durable canvas, because back then Japanese canvases were used for industrial purposes (e.g., truck canopies). Because canvas is made only with natural materials and not with chemical fiber, canvas has always been a greatly durable fabric that is suitable for long-term usage.

Today, the Kurashiki Hanpu brand is owned by a company called Baistone, a Kurashiki-based company still managed by the Takeyari family. Kurashiki city now produces approximately 70% of canvases made in Japan, and in this ideal location Kurashiki Hanpu continues to manufacture Japanese canvas products that blend the Kurashiki tradition perfectly into our modern daily lives and bring back the warm feelings of the good old days back to our heart.

canvas tote bag kurashiki hanpu

History of Japanese Canvas

Cotton first arrived in Japan during the Muromachi period (1392-1573) and the earliest confirmed canvas in Japan was on Oda Nobunaga's sailboat. Records indicate that a person named Kuraku Matsuemon (1743-1812) in Takasago, Banshu (currently Hyogo Prefecture), who is said to have woven the oldest canvas still in existence, laid the foundations for modern canvas in Japan. After the Meiji period, canvas was used for a variety of purposes (e.g., sheets and tents for railroad cargo, cloth strainers for sake and soy sauce, tool bags owned by craftsmen, milk delivery bags, and satchels for students) thanks to its sturdiness and the material was produced in large amounts.

canvas tote bag kurashiki hanpu


Mr. Masanori Oji designs Kurashiki Hanpu's products listed on Ninjaya.com. He has won the following awards. Click here for more information about Mr. Oji.

  • 2011 First prize of the Jing QiLing Award in China on a series of works with TAKAHASHI KOUGEI and FUTAGAMI. Good Design Award 2011 on Magewa.
  • 2009 [FUTAGAMI] Interior Lifestyle Awards All About Style Store Award
  • 2004 [Switch Tray] Kokuyo Design Award 2004 Second prize
  • 2003 [Texture Index & Seal] Kokuyo Design Award 2003 Second prize
  • 2003 [Chrono Mirror] JIDA Dyson Design Award Second prize
canvas tote bag kurashiki hanpu

Product Type

Canvas Tote Bag:

  • Canvas Tote Bag Large Vertical (Short) (Ecru) (LEFT)
  • Canvas Tote Bag Small Vertical (Orange) (SECOND FROM THE LEFT)
  • Canvas Tote Bag Large Horizontal (Rouge) (MIDDLE)
  • Canvas Tote Bag Small Horizontal (Navy) (SECOND FROM THE RIGHT)
  • Canvas Tote Bag Large Vertical (Long) (Black) (RIGHT)

  • canvas tote bag kurashiki hanpu
Canvas Pouch:

  1. Canvas Pouch Boat Type (Large) (Ecru)
  2. Canvas Pouch Boat Type (Small) (Orange)
  3. Canvas Book Cover (Rouge)
  4. Canvas Pouch Flat Type (Large) (Navy)
  5. Canvas Pouch Flat Type (Small) (Rouge)
  6. Canvas Pouch Flat Type (Pencil Case) (Black)

  7. canvas pouch kurashiki hanpu
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