Futasujihi Sadamune (二筋樋貞宗)

Futasujihi Sadamune (二筋樋貞宗)

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Futasujihi Sadamune (二筋樋貞宗) from Seki. Click here to learn more. Made in Japan.

This sword is a replica of the original sword, Futasujihi Sadamune (二筋樋貞宗), which is designated as Japan's Important Cultural Property. The swordsmith who made the original is Soshu Sadamnue (相州貞宗). Sadamune is from the late Kamakura period and is one of the ten high apprentices of Masamune (正宗). Futasujihi (二筋樋) refers to the two line-like grooves put parallel to the blade. The line-like groove, or hi (樋) in Japanese, not only has practical purposes such as strengthening the blade and making the blade lighter, but also is a representation of religious belief; more specifically, the two line-like grooves mimic the iron chopsticks used during goma (written in Japanese as 護摩, which is typically a fire ceremony held in veneration of Fudo Myoo, or 不動明王 in Japanese, in the context of Esoteric Buddhism). This sword was once held by Toyotomi Hideyoshi (豊臣秀吉), and is currently owned personally by an individual.

The sword blade is made of brass alloy. Therefore in order to use this sword for Iaido practice, a great amount of strength is required. If you are looking for a sword suitable for Iaido practice there are others on this website that are more suitable, because this sword may contain parts that are not suitable for Iaido practice.

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  • Size: 106cm (entire length), 74cm (blade length), 26cm (grip length), 1450g
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