Miroku Bosatsu (Maitreya) (弥勒菩薩) (TanaCocoro)

Miroku Bosatsu (Maitreya) (弥勒菩薩) (TanaCocoro)

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Miroku Bosatsu (Maitreya) (弥勒菩薩) (TanaCocoro) from Isumu. Isumu's focus is to recreate in our modern lives the traditional Buddhist statues which the Japanese culture has cherished so much. Click here to learn more about Isumu

  • Part of Isumu's TanaCocoro lineup
  • This statue is a replica of the Japanese national treasure, Miroku Bosatsu Hanka Shiyui Zou from the Asuka period, lasting from 538 to 710 (or 592 to 645). Hanka Shiyui refers to the posture in which the statue is contemplating while putting its right legs onto its left lap
  • Miroku Bosatsu will come down into the world of 5.6 billion and 70 million years after the death of Buddha. His posture represents his pondering of the way of saving the people when such time comes. Miroku Bosatsu’s beautiful smile is said to have a therapeutic effect on our mental state

  • Product Details:

    • Size: Approximately 160(H)×78(W)×100(D)mm (6.3(H)×3.1(W)×3.9(D)"), weight 405 g (0.89 lbs)
    • Material: Polystone. Click here for more information
    • Comes with: Statue and durable packaging box. Click here for more information
    Brand Concept Video:

      See the Isumu's brand concept video below. Click here to learn more about Isumu


    Isumu’s statues are to be handled with care:

    • Avoid hitting, dropping or otherwise applying pressure on the statues, since the delicate parts of the statue may be broken
    • Use brushes to remove dust from the statues. Cloths etc. should not be used because the fiber can damage the smaller parts of the statues
    • Do not wipe the statue with damp cloth etc. because water-soluble paint may be used
    • Direct sunlight or heat should be avoided
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    • North America / Central America / Oceania / Middle East: 3,400 Japanese Yen
    • Europe: 3,750 Japanese Yen
    • Asia: 2,500 Japanese Yen
    • South America / Africa: 5,000 Japanese Yen
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    • US / Oceania: 4-5 days
    • Europe: 7-8 days
    • Asia: 2-3 days
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    • Manufactured and supplied by Morita Inc., the owner of the brand Isumu. Click here for more information on the brand. Manufactured in China
    Any Questions?

    If you have any questions about Isumu's Japanese Buddhist statues, please feel free to contact us or message us on Facebook

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A Maitreya statue that is valued to own and visit it in person once in your life
valued to see it once in your life. I have Isumu replicated statue as one of my collection, sorry that I bought from Yahoo bit at that time I did not know Ninjaya offer it, if I can do it again, I would purchase it from Ninjaya!!

(由 Google Translator 翻译)

一个弥勒佛像,非常有价值,可以在您的生活中亲自拥有和访问它。 非常重视在你的生活中看到它。 我有Isumu复制雕像作为我的收藏之一,对不起,我当时从雅虎那里买了我不知道Ninjaya提供它,如果我能再做一次,我会从Ninjaya购买它!

(由 Google Translator 翻譯)

一個彌勒佛像,非常有價值,可以在您的生活中親自擁有和訪問它。 非常重視在你的生活中看到它。 我有Isumu複製雕像作為我的收藏之一,對不起,我當時從雅虎那裡買了我不知道Ninjaya提供它,如果我能再做一次,我會從Ninjaya購買它!

(แปลโดย Google Translator)

รูปปั้น Maitreya ที่มีมูลค่าเป็นของตัวเองและเยี่ยมชมในคนหนึ่งครั้งในชีวิตของคุณ มูลค่าที่จะเห็นมันครั้งเดียวในชีวิตของคุณ ฉันมีรูปปั้น Isumu จำลองเป็นหนึ่งในคอลเลกชันของฉันขอโทษที่ฉันซื้อมาจาก Yahoo บิตในเวลาที่ฉันไม่ทราบว่า Ninjaya เสนอถ้าฉันสามารถทำมันอีกครั้งฉันจะซื้อจาก Ninjaya!

(Diterjemahkan oleh Google Translator)

Patung Maitreya yang berharga untuk dimiliki dan dikunjungi secara langsung satu kali dalam hidup Anda. berharga untuk melihatnya sekali dalam hidupmu. Saya memiliki patung replikasi Isumu sebagai salah satu koleksi saya, maaf bahwa saya membeli dari Yahoo bit pada waktu itu saya tidak tahu Ninjaya menawarkannya, jika saya bisa melakukannya lagi, saya akan membelinya dari Ninjaya !!
Review by Chih-Wei / (Posted on 7/17/2018)
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