Air Jog III 6 Black

Air Jog III 6 Black

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Air Jog III 6 Black from Marugo. Click here to learn more about Marugo

The Air Jog jika tabi has an air-cushioned sole that provides considerable comfort for running, lifting, or just walking around all day. The cushioning makes the sole less flexible so there is a natural trade-off between the barefoot feeling of traditional jika-tabi and the cloud of comfort that the Air Jog provides. The overall effect is a very sneaker-feeling shoe that has the styling, balance, and health benefits of tabi

Product Details:

  • Available sizes: 22.5 - 29.0 cm
  • Number of fastening clips ("kohaze"): 6
  • Material: Cotton (upper) and EVA and rubber (sole)
  • Other information: Air-cushioned sole (air cushion is entirely covered by rubber sole and cannot be seen from outside)
How To Wear Tabi Shoes:

See the video below to learn how to wear tabi shoes


  • Your size can be determined by: first measuring your foot size by standing on top of a ruler placed against a wall and taking a measurement at the front-most point of your foot, and then considering other factors in addition to your foot size, for example, whether you plan to wear socks, whether you prefer a tight or loose fit, and making sure your calf size is not too narrow or wide, such that any fixes would be necessary to wear boot-type tabi shoes
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  • North America / Central America / Oceania / Middle East: 2,280 - 2,820 Japanese Yen
  • Europe: 2,500 - 3,100 Japanese Yen
  • Asia: 1,640 - 2,060 Japanese Yen
  • South America / Africa: 2,840 - 3,860 Japanese Yen

  • (Note: 100 JPY is about 0.90 USD / 0.80 EUR)
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  • US / Oceania: 4-5 days
  • Europe: 7-8 days
  • Middle East: 7-11 days
  • Asia: 2-3 days
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Beautiful and perfect fit shoes, especially for the price! I always loved the tab closure and the soles feel like durable foam. There is some kind of a rise in the midfoot but it works to my benefit for I am quite flat-footed.

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美丽而完美的合身鞋,特别适合价格! 我一直喜欢拉环,鞋底感觉像耐用的泡沫。 中足有一种上升,但它对我有利,因为我很平坦。

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美麗而完美的合身鞋,特別適合價格! 我一直喜歡拉環,鞋底感覺像耐用的泡沫。 中足有一種上升,但它對我有利,因為我很平坦。

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รองเท้าที่สวยและลงตัวพอดีโดยเฉพาะราคา! ฉันรักการปิดแท็บและพื้นรู้สึกเหมือนโฟมทนทาน มีบางชนิดเพิ่มขึ้นใน midfoot แต่มันทำงานเพื่อประโยชน์ของฉันสำหรับฉันค่อนข้างแบนเท้า

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Akan membeli lagi / merekomendasikan

Sepatu yang cantik dan sempurna, terutama untuk harga! Saya selalu menyukai penutupan tab dan solnya terasa seperti busa yang tahan lama. Ada beberapa jenis kenaikan di tengah jalan tetapi bekerja untuk keuntungan saya karena saya cukup telapak kaki.
Review by Jer / (Posted on 11/3/2018)