Fugen Bosatsu (普賢菩薩) 15cm (Gold Plating Finish)

Fugen Bosatsu (普賢菩薩) 15cm (Gold Plating Finish)

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Fugen Bosatsu (普賢菩薩) 15cm (Gold Plating Finish) from Butuzou World. Click here to learn more about the brand.

Made in Japan using Takaoka bronze sculpting techniques. With a 400 year history of manufacturing copperware, the city of Takaoka is Japan's foremost producer of cast sculpted Buddhist statues. Statues crafted here are painstakingly molded, cast, finished, and colored by the hands of craftsmen who have inherited traditional manufacturing techniques. We hope this series will support you spiritually while contributing to the aesthetic of your interior as you go about your daily activities.

In Japan, it's thought that all people, based on their Chinese zodiac sign, have a guardian Buddha or Bodhisattva who provides lifetime-protection. The belief is that by worshiping such Buddha or Bodhisattva, you can lead a peaceful life; and because we think that good fortune will come by placing objects related to your Chinese zodiac around you, Japanese believe that the guardian Buddha or Bodhisattva will also act as a guardian of good fortune, while protecting you from disaster and strengthening the good parts of your character and holding back the bad parts.

List of zodiac signs and the Buddha or Bodhisattva who provides protection:

  • 子 (Rat / 鼠): 千手観音 (Senju Kannon)
  • 丑 (Ox / 牛) : 虚空蔵菩薩 (Kokuzo Bosatsu)
  • 寅 (Tiger / 虎): 虚空蔵菩薩 (Kokuzo Bosatsu)
  • 卯 (Rabbit / 兔): 文殊菩薩 (Monju Bosatsu)
  • 辰 (Dragon / 龍): 普賢菩薩 (Fugen Bosatsu)
  • 巳 (Snake / 蛇): 普賢菩薩 (Fugen Bosatsu)
  • 午 (Horse / 馬): 勢至菩薩 (Seishi Bosatsu)
  • 未 (Goat / 羊): 大日如来 (Dainichi Nyorai)
  • 申 (Monkey / 猴): 大日如来 (Dainichi Nyorai)
  • 酉 (Rooster / 雞): 不動明王 (Fudo Myo-o)
  • 戌 (Dog / 狗): 阿弥陀如来 (Amida Nyorai) (Amitabha)
  • 亥 (Pig / 豬: 阿弥陀如来 (Amida Nyorai) (Amitabha)
Product Details:

  • Size: 150(H)×73(W)×60(D)mm, 900g
  • Material: Zinc alloy
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  • Supplied by Morita Inc., the owner of the brand Butuzou World. Click here for more information on the brand. Made in Japan
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