Sohrin Matsuhisa (松久宗林) | Fudō Myō-ō (不動明王)

Sohrin Matsuhisa (松久宗林) | Fudō Myō-ō (不動明王)

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Sohrin Matsuhisa (松久宗林) | Fudō Myō-ō (不動明王) from Butuzou World. Click here to learn more about the brand.

In Japan, Fudo Myoo (Acala) has been widely popular and venerated. Although the Fudo Myoo looks as though it is a god of battle or war, it actually is very merciful and he provides salvation to people who suffer from polluting thoughts such as greed, hatred and delusion, all of which result in suffering. It is thought that he makes use of his lariat and sword to eliminate such polluting thoughts, thereby helping us attain enlightenment.

This statue has been created based on one of the works of the great Buddhist sculptor Sohrin Matsuhisa (Japanese: 松久宗林), with the permission of Matsuhisa Sohrin Bussho (松久宗琳佛所), an organization established by Sohrin Matsuhisa and his father Hohrin Matsuhisa themselves. Along with his father Hohrin Matsuhisa (松久朋琳) who was a Kyoto Buddhist sculptor, Sohrin Matsuhisa made various Buddhist statues for historic, renowned temples such as Kōya-san (高野山), Hieizan (比叡山), Narita-san (成田山), Shitennō-ji (四天王寺), Kinkaku-ji (金閣寺), and Kurama-dera (鞍馬寺). Sohrin's works are highly admired, and Sohrin is said that he "invites the Buddhas from inside the trees."

This statue is a replica of the work Sohrin Matsuhisa completed in 1982, which is truly a unique and awe-inspiring representation of the Fudo Myoo. On top of the bronze, pure gold has been applied by hand.

This statue will be made after your order, using Takaoka bronze sculpting techniques. With a 400 year history of manufacturing copperware, the city of Takaoka is Japan's foremost producer of cast sculpted Buddhist statues. Statues crafted here are painstakingly molded, cast, finished, and colored by the hands of craftsmen who have inherited traditional manufacturing techniques.

Historically, Takaoka copperware was founded in 1611 when Toshinaga Maeda (前田利長), second lord of the Kaga fiefdom (加賀藩) and the man who would later become the founding father of Takaoka, sent word to Tannan in the Kawachi Province (河内国丹南郡), known as the birthplace of casting, to send seven of their finest casting masters to come open a foundry in Kanayamachi (金屋町) in a bid to promote the prosperity of his people. These efforts were focused primarily on iron casting at the time, but by the middle of the Edo period, they began to see success in the field of copper casting. As their prowess in this craft further advanced going into the Meiji period, their works were showcased at exhibitions to enjoy international acclaim, with their artistic copperwares going on to carve out a niche for them in the world of exports. In 1975, Takaoka copperware received primary designation for Japan’s Nationally Designated Traditional Craft Products.

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  • Size: 300(H)×155(W)×85(D)mm, 3600g
  • Material: Bronze
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