Fujin Raijin (風神雷神図) 100% Silk Nishijin-ori Fabric Art

Fujin Raijin (風神雷神図) 100% Silk Nishijin-ori Fabric Art

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Fujin Raijin (風神雷神図) 100% Silk Nishijin-ori Fabric Art from Nishishin. The exact pattern, color etc. can look slightly different from individual product to product. Click here to learn more about Nishishin

About the original masterpiece artwork: This work by Tawaraya Sōtatsu, titled Wind God and Thunder God, is a classic of Japanese Art that was later copied in works produced by both Ogata Kōrin and Sakai Hōitsu. The golden portion was not added simply to make the subjects appear more prominent, it also possesses unlimited depth, transforming this space into substance. In other words, this golden portion transcends functioning as mere decoration; it was created with the clear intent of forming and reinforcing the figures of the two fierce gods that materialize in the middle of this infinite space. This is the reason it is considered a masterpiece.

With the wind and thunder deified as their respective gods, reverence towards nature continues in the form of worshiping the gods. Furthermore, these gods are not merely deification of natural phenomena; they also serve as household guardians, preventing evil spirits and demons from entering the premises.

Note: the frame may be different from the one in the product picture.

Product Details:

  • Size: 81×41cm (frame) / 70×30cm (fabric)
  • Material: 100% silk Nishijin-ori fabric
  • Comes with: Frame and packaging box
  • Other information: the frame may be different from the one in the product picture

  • (Note: Due to monitor differences, actual product colors may vary from colors shown on your monitor)
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  • Manufactured and supplied by Nishishin. Click here for more information on the brand. Made in Japan
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