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kurashiki hanpu canvas bag

Kurashiki Hanpu brand canvas bags and pouches made of premium-quality Japanese canvas ("hanpu" in Japanese) from Kurashiki, Okayama. Designed by the award-winning Japanese designer Mr. Masanori Oji. Click here for more information on the company or you can also take a look at their company website. The prices listed on Ninjaya.com are the same as Kurashiki Hanpu's online retail prices in Japan.

Ninjaya.com, Inc. is the official international distributor of Kurashiki Hanpu brand products. All products on Ninjaya.com are authentic because the products are shipped directly to you from the manufacturers / suppliers in Japan.

canvas tote bag large horizontal
canvas tote bag small horizontal
kongo rikishi standard
canvas pouch boat type large
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ninjayacom instagram