Devilman (デビルマン) (A)

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Devilman (デビルマン) (A)

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Devilman (デビルマン) (A) from Chara Art. Click here to learn more about the brand.

Devilman (Japanese: デビルマン) is a Japanese manga by Go Nagai that has sold over 50 million copies since its inception in 1972. The story features Akira Fudo, a boy in his teens. His best friend, Ryo Asuka, asks for help when his archaeologist father died after uncovering a mask during an excavation of ancient Mayan ruins, confirming the existence of "demons" - ancient predators whose central trait is to assimilate other lifeforms to evolve. Ryo's plan was to prevent the revival of demons with the belief that "becoming demons oneself was necessary to fight them." More specifically, Ryo believed that because of Akira's pure heart, he may be able to have the powers of demons without being consumed by them. As it turned out, when Akira actually did get consumed by a powerful demon known as Amon, Akira successfully managed to retain his conscience while possessing the demon's traits and power, turning himself into Devilman. Throughout the manga series, Devilman encountered numerous battles with the demons, however eventually, the demons started a world war with the human race, causing mass hysteria across the earth. Note that in the anime series, the plot differs quite a bit from the manga series; in the anime series, Amon, not Akira Fudo, controlled Akira's body and developed human emotions, deciding to defend the human race from Amon's own kind.

About the author of the original manga: Go Nagai (Japanese: 永井 豪) is the pen name of Mr. Kiyoshi Nagai (Japanese: 永井潔). He is a Japanese manga artist and a prolific author of science fiction, fantasy, horror and erotica. His best-known works are: Cutie Honey, Devilman and Mazinger Z. He is well known for the creation of the Super Robot genre as well as for coming up with robots piloted by a person from within the cockpit.

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  • Size: 530(H)×410(W)×17(D)mm
  • Material: Chara-Fine Canvas. Click here to learn more about the material and how to put this artwork in your room
  • Comes with: Serial number and certificate, strap and metallic hanger (can hang on wall)
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  • Supplied by Chara Art. Click here for more information on the brand. Made in Japan
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