japanese fake nails

When it comes to getting our nails done, many options exist that are worth taking a look at. If you are unsure of what options might suit you best or if you have been wondering whether there are any exotic designs you can choose from, you might want to take a closer look at some Japanese nails. Known for their spectacular and colorful format, Japanese nails offer the perfect starting point for those who want a more artistic and stylish look in general. Here are the reasons why going Japanese might be better than remaining with your native, normal choices:

  • From nails that are built around pop culture stuff like Star Wars and Final Fantasy to various cute designs like those inspired by the Harajuku style, Japanese nails are all about creating a sense of personality, individuality and diversity that is rarely seen elsewhere. It’s one of the main reasons why, for years, Japanese nails might make the best choice for non-Japanese people as well.
  • As you might know, the Japanese enjoy a culture which is about diversity, openness of opinion, and openness of the mind. They love their artwork to be meaningful, spiritual and deep in more ways than one. It’s one of the primary reasons why Japanese nails are so revered, too: rather than just being the bog-standard style, they are far more creative and cute in their look and style.
  • Japanese nails are far more abstract. We all love attention, even when it’s hard to admit to ourselves. Well, on a night out or in a night club your nails are going to stick out a mile away – Japanese nails just carry greater attention with their more creative style.
  • Japanese people are generally very creative when it comes to artwork – nails included. If you get the right people, you can see huge changes to the way that your nails look as they use creative and abstract imagery rather than glittery designs or solid colors.
  • Japanese nails are more customized. You can get very specific and out their styles, which helps to break away from feeling like a lack of options means that you always go for the same styles and looks.

With all of this said, of course, if you are currently living outside Japan, you might be wondering how you could possibly get Japanese nails!

The false nails from Michi might be a great solution. Michi is a company based in Tokyo that is revolutionizing the Japanese nails industry by crowdsourcing over 100 professional Japanese nail artists throughout Japan. These artists create handmade Japanese false nails based on various pre-determined designs customers can choose from on Michi’s online catalogue. Because Michi’s false nails are easily removable and re-usable, they are a perfect solution for people who usually cannot wear nails or who wish to switch around nail designs depending on their attire.