Hey guys, welcome to Ninjaya.com. So, how are you today? So, today, I really wanted to talk about this Tokusen Shukokoku Japanese Incense from the Baieido brand in Osaka.

So, this particular incense, ever since we started selling Japanese incense, has been doing particularly well, very well. It seems to be the case that people like the idea, or people like the fact that this incense took three years to be completed; the recipe. Baieido has 360 years of history of which three years were spent on making this particular incense. Just to make a comparison for example, there are Kōbunboku and the Kaden Kōbunboku. Let's talk about these more in detail.

Firstly, Kōbunboku is more like a mild sweet taste, whereas Kaden Kōbunboku is really dense scent-like kind of smell scent. And I tried this Jinkō-based Tokusen Shukokoku and I like to say that it's really good, you know, it's really noble. It doesn't have the denseness like the Kaden Kōbunboku but it's really noble, you know, it makes you feel like you're staying in a real high-class Ryokan.

Burning Tokusen Shukokoku, it emits a noble scent. I really don’t know how to explain this just other than saying a very noble scent. It feels like I am in a super high-class Ryokan. There is a 3000-yen version, and there's another 10,000-yen version, and actually a lot of other versions as well. When you open the incense box, there is a message, as always, from Baieido. It says, “thank you for buying Baieido’s Tokusen Shukokoku. Thank you very much. So, this incense includes very high-class natural fragrances, such as Jinkō and Byakudan, to Agarwood and Sandalwood. And they have selected 20 of them included in this incense, which is made from a secret by the recipe. And this recipe is condensed all of Baieido’s knowledge. And what does it represent? It represents the history of the Silk Road and the fragrance you took via Shukokoku, which is a location in China famous for these type of fragrances from the old days”. What they’re trying to say is, this is the incense that everyone has wanted and aspired to for such a long time and they will love you to enjoy a very luxurious time with this Japanese incense; that's what they say.

The product is very carefully packaged (suitable for international shipping with the product package alone). It contains a lot of incense even for 3,000 yen version. And what we do is that we asked the Baieido company to ship this to us to our warehouse first and then we ship it to you. That's how it works. So, we have some in stock but we basically order it after you order it, so it's not like we put it on the shelf and it becomes stale. If you open the box, wow, the smell, it's not stale; it's really fresh in a way. You're gonna get one of the best Japanese incenses out there.

Again, I really don't know how to explain the smell, this noble smell other than by calling it a noble smell. It is a very, very noble smell, very noble smell. I'm not sure how to explain this but it is a very noble smell. I understand that it's good for relaxation, meditation, it's very good. Just by looking at it being burned; it makes you feel relaxed. It's very good. Oh, it's very good.

What do you guys think of the incense? Again, the smell is very noble, so it’s really good, relaxing, good for things like meditation, relaxation in general. I think this is going to be one of the incenses I'm gonna burn, I think, in the morning when I want to clear my mind, when I went to focus, and that’s one of the times I’m gonna burn this incense. It's gonna be wonderful.